Introducing Web3— An Arrogant & Treacherous Successor Doomed to Fail

Web 1.0 vs Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0
Internet Adoption
Most Utilized Web Services
Most Visited Websites

With adoption comes worth. Things with worth often are meant to be traded. Traded entities eventually get treated as an asset & are expected to appreciate in value with time. And if they don’t, they become a liability & lose their entire worth with time.

Largest Internet Companies by Market Capital
Countries with Lowest level of Internet Adoption
INTERPOL’s 90th General Assembly
INTERPOL’s Covid-19 Cybersecurity Impact Statistics
Comparative View of Key Performance Drivers
Historical Annual Returns
Charlie Munger on Crypto Collapse
Historical Bubbles
FTT collateral being sent from Alameda to FTX
Ownership Percentage of Blockchain Entities
Global Web3/blockchain VC deal activity
  1. Self Governance & Lack of Compliance
  2. Built upon Delusions & Lies
  3. Not better than its predecessors in anyway
  4. Prone to all kinds of Cybersecurity issues that can’t be eliminated
$160M Wintermute Hack Analysis
$1.9T wipeout in crypto risks spilling over to Stocks & Bonds
Arkham Intelligence

People building the future don’t exactly know how to secure the present.

OpenSea Pays $200,000 to Ethical Hackers Who Uncovered Critical Security Flaws
Automated Vulnerability Assessment Platform
FTX Bankruptcy
Visualizing FTX Balance Sheet
Web3’s Security Problems

Where there’s a will there’s a way.



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Ayush Singh

Ayush Singh


Philanthropy @ Kłapeye Foundation | Cybersecurity @ ARPSyndicate | Finance @ ZieTRAD